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Riga Shooting Range

Riga Shooting Range is one of the best things what to do in Riga. A locally owned, fully licensed and the well-equipped indoor shooting range in Riga is the perfect entertainment choice for bachelor parties, hen do’s, birthdays or if you are simply looking for a unique experience and wish to try shooting real firearms.
The 50 meter indoor range is located 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) away or approx. 10 minutes from the Old Quarter of Riga and it features an excellent gun selection! We shall teach you to shoot a gun in a proper and safe manner. Our courteous and helpful instructors have been hand-picked among the best in the industry to provide the highest possible quality of service.
The success of the Shooting Range lies in its transparent operation and in the understanding of the needs of our customers. We shall not shove you out of the gallery after the tour and we do not mind if you want to make a couple more photos or anything else you would like to ask us. Our instructors will be glad to answer any questions. We believe in our work and we are confident that you will find our service very satisfying making it one of the best experiences you will have on your trip.
No permits required. Whether you are simply interested or already a licensed firearms owner, Riga Shooting Range is a great place for you to come and shoot.
All Tours are private so you will not shoot with anyone else except your friends.
We also feature the best value for money around – do not hesitate and have a look at our offer now.

Standard Package:

  • 5 shots of Glock-17
  • 5 shots of B&T APC9
  • 5 shots of AK-103
  • 5 shots of Winchester 1300

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    Big Package:

  • 5 shots of Glock-17
  • 5 shots of Makarov PM
  • 5 shots of AK-101
  • 5 shots of Winchester 1300
  • 6 shots of Taurus revolver
  • 3 shots of Franchi SPAS-15

  • Contact us to get a quote and book your event!
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A friend and I enjoyed the experience a lot. Everything from picking us up to explaining the safety measures and the shooting itself went great.

Robert from Germany

All the staff were really friendly and made our experience extra enjoyable. The shooting itself was really cool. I can not recommend this experience highly enough for anyone visiting Riga. The whole thing was organised in a very professional manner.

Niall and the Irish crew